Mission Dreamjob – eBook

Rowan decides after her gap year not to continue with her studies but to embark on the search for her dream job.


What is the book ‘Mission Dream Job’ about?

Rowan decides after her gap year not to continue with her studies but to embark on the search for her dream job. While prior to her gap year she was the textbook definition of a perfectionist, she now wants to live her life more on the relaxed side. She even makes a point out of enjoying her quest. However that proves a lot easier said than done. This time she is not travelling all on her own, but in the comfort of her own environment and surrounded by family and friends that both have set expectations and equally want to help her out in any way they can. What follows is an invaluable rare opportunity, an interview with a dream company and a whole lot of doubt.
Would she be better off doing everything her own way and going to find the job that really suits her and her passions?
Mission Dream Job picks up from where The Bus to Ronda left off – an adventurous gap year ends, but can also be read on its own.      


The Bus to Ronda (part 1)

Rowan, a ‘perfectionist’ and graphic designer graduate, has doubts about her future. Should she continue studying, go work or take a gap year? All her friends already know what they are going to do but she really has no idea yet! When she gets a tip from someone one day at the beach, she decides to take it as a sign. Without thinking too much, she leaves for Spain to work there for a while. Not everyone is happy with her decision. When she arrives abroad, she is not only confronted with another culture, but also with herself. Can she trust her gut? One thing is certain, this journey will take her on a completely different path.

Would you like to read the first book ‘The Bus to Ronda’ first? Please purchase it first via this link.


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Gewicht 0365 kg
Afmetingen 145 × 210 cm

Binding : Epub
Auteur : Joyce van Ombergen – Jong
Bestandstype : epub
Distributievorm : Ebook (digitaal)
Aantal pagina’s : Afhankelijk van e-reader
Uitgeverij : Your Journey
ISBN : 9789083064451
Datum publicatie : 01/07/23


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